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St Aidan's Anglican Church: Prayer Requests

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P: (519)471-1430

There are a few different ways in which we respond to prayer requests:

1. If you request that your prayer be on the Sunday Prayer List, then it will be prayed for in public during Service.

2. If you ask that your request be prayed for by a Pastor Only, then we will respect your confidentiality and only a Pastor will pray for your request.

3. If you have an Urgent Prayer Request and want a team of St. Aidan's members praying for your request, then your request will be sent to the pastors and those members who desire to be on our Prayer Team. Your request will be completely confidential. Only those on the Prayer Team will receive your request and they have committed themselves to serve you with complete confidentiality. They will not talk to others or you about your request. They will do what they have committed to do and that is to pray for you.

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